Teesta Rangeet: The Folklore

The people residing along the Teesta and Rangeet are familiar with the folklore of the two rivers. Two star-crossed lovers fighting all odds in an effort to be together. The stories had a lot of minute variations according to multiple sources. Folk tales have a way of putting things in perspective but they also lack… Continue reading Teesta Rangeet: The Folklore


Your digital wingman: It’s a match

Tinder has become the novocaine of the millennials who are looking for a "hook-up".   As Tinder turns 6, it has made huge strides in the online dating community by almost becoming a synonym to online dating. The millennials have gulped on the new trend like they did on every other trend that has come… Continue reading Your digital wingman: It’s a match

Howling winds.

#extract The amber glow irradiated the room during the final moments of the dying daylight. The thick dark fluid splattered on the glass table as she set her mug down. Her gaze remained fixated on the colossal glass window as she heard his footsteps recede. His silhouette disappeared into the thick fog as he neared… Continue reading Howling winds.

Vast conundrums of the mind.

Have you ever felt the void? The empty feeling in your body. Something that feels so physical, Yet, it's only as real as the tooth fairy, or our guardian angels. We all just want to belong. To something, To someone, To fit in. But we also want to stand out while fitting in. We thrive… Continue reading Vast conundrums of the mind.


We all spend our lives looking for a soul as tormented as ours. Everyone is broken, some a little, some cracked wide open. A friend of mine always said "the eggs are already broken, it's time you make them into omlettes." Pretty straight forward, right? Time to set yourself free. How did we all become… Continue reading Cracks

Once more

There he goes, pulling another late night. Mind intoxicated with thoughts and hypothetical scenarios. What he wouldn't give to escape the reality. Another hour goes by since he wrote the first two lines. The blinking cursor taunting his mind which is so full and so blank at the same time. What the world fails to… Continue reading Once more


“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” said Plato in The Symposium. In simpler terms, the love between two true soul-mates… Continue reading Untitled